Master and Bachelor Thesis Topics

We are offering a range of topics for Bachelor and Master thesis from these specific research areas:

  • Transport, nonequilibrium physics and dynamics of electron-phonon systems
  • Semiclassical methods for the theoretical description of electron-phonon systems
  • Thermalization in closed quantum systems including eigenstate thermalization hypothesis, many-body localization and constrained dynamics
  • Many-body physics with ultracold atomic gases
  • Topology in many-body systems, in particular, focussing on realizations with ultracold atomic gases.

All topics make use of computational methods such as exact diagonalization, Lanczos methods, or density matrix renormalization group techniques. Students will write their codes from scratch. The concrete topics are embedded into the group's ongoing research projects and are each co-supervised by a PhD student or a postdoctoral researcher. For inquiries about concrete topics, please contact the group leader Prof. Heidrich-Meisner via email.

Completed Master theses projects:

  • Temporal dynamics of inhomogeneous initial states in disordered quantum systems (2023)
  • Relaxation dynamics of quantum many-body systems with phonon degrees of freedom using the multi-trajectory Ehrenfest method (2023)
  • Interplay of constrained dynamics and localization in a one-dimensional many-body system (2022)
  • Localization in the one-dimensional Bosonic-Schwinger model (2022)
  • Topological charge pumping in the interacting and disordered Rice-Mele model (2021)
  • Transport properties of the half-filled Holstein chain with a hardcore constraint (2021)
  • Simulating real-time dynamics in the Holstein model with Ehrenfest methods (2021)
  • Quantum-quench dynamics of edge states in topological insulators and superconductors (2020)
  • Eigenstate thermalization and quantum chaos in the Holstein polaron model with dispersive phonons (2020)
  • Topological charge pumping under realistic conditions (2020)

Completed Bachelor theses projects:

  • Thermodynamics of Holstein chains from quantum-classical hybrid methods (2022)
  • Localization of a single charge carrier coupled to disordered Einstein phonons (2021)
  • Relaxation of spatially inhomogeneous phonon distributions in 1D models (2020)
  • Bond disordered spin-1/2 XXZ chains (2020)
  • Localization in mixed spin-1/2-spin-1 XXZ chains (2020)
  • Temporal evolution of spatial inhomogeneities in condensates with interactions of varying range (2019)
  • Distribution of level spacing and local observables in a chain of interacting spinless fermions with disorder (2019)
  • Quantum chaos and ergodicity in Fibonacci chains (2018)
  • Entanglement spectrum of the Rice-Mele model (2018)