Illness/Absence from a Course

If regular and active attendance is a component of your grade, you are required to be present at the start of your course (foreign languages, general transferable skills, ZESS IT, varsity sports and SNIC). Should you fail to be present, you will be automatically withdrawn from the attendance list (and thus the course itself) by ZESS (see the ZESS Examination Regulations; Section 5(5)). You may, however, prevent this from happening by utilising the form on the right hand side (or below). Do note that if you fail to submit an m.c. with your form, your absence shall be noted. However, you will not be withdrawn from the course.

Failure to Provide Excuse:
Students who fail to be present within the first hour of the very first lesson without a proper excuse and without informing the supervisor/assessment board beforehand shall be removed by ZESS on FlexNow and receive the least priority during the following assignment of places.

Continued Participation:
Continued participation (see above) is possible by filling out the form on the right and stating the reason for absence under 'Important Reasons'. This form must be filled out at least three hours before the beginning of the lesson. Please only use the specified form. Failure to submit the form punctually or an apology directed at other parties, will not suffice to prevent an expulsion from the course. (note that by submitting the form, your absence for the course shall be made note of. For exceptions, see below 'Exceptions (Medical Certificate)')

Exceptions (Medical Certificate):
Exceptions can be made in cases of sudden illness, accident etc. as long as a medical certificate is sent in to the ZESS Office (Geschäftsstelle der Zess, Goßlerstr. 10, 37073 Göttingen) promptly. In such cases, the student will not be removed from the course. Medical certificates can, however, only be processed with the inclusion of the following particulars: Matriculation Number, Course Title, Course Number, Name of Course Instructor.

Irregular Attendance:
Students who are registered for a course on FlexNow but whose attendance is highly irregular (including cases of absence due to health reasons) and who are therefore unable to sit for the examination shall find under the heading 'ZESS' on Flexnow, "Unsatisfactory attendance." This entry will not appear on your certificate.