International Students

Would you like to learn more about academic writing at a German university or are you looking for support with your term paper, essay, or thesis? Then you might want to look into the offers we listed on this page
Workshops for International Students

You want to improve your (academic) writing skills, maybe receive a certification in Intercultural Competence (InDiGU) and/or obtain Credits for your key competencies? Look at our blended learning writing project
InDiGU - Academic Writing Partnerships (German title: Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften deutsch-international)

The following workshops are always multilingual (mostly German/English)
MultiConText Workshops in UniVZ

Our entire workshop programme is open to all students of Göttingen University. Most workshops are held in German but MultiConText workshops are especially geared toward multilingual students and can be held in English.
Almost all workshops can be accredited within the key competencies. To get credits, regular participation is required, as well as handing in a portfolio as your exam at the end of the course. To inform yourself about the accreditation, contact your examination office or read up on study and exam regulations of your study programme.
Please note that unfortunately the Faculty of Economics currently does not accredit our workshops.

Individual Writing Consultation
You are working on a term paper, a thesis or any other academic text and have questions or need support? .
If you are currently working on a writing project and have questions or are looking for individual advice, you might be interested in a writing consultation. We offer individual writing consultations in different languages.