German courses

Summer term 2020

Course length: From 20th April 2020 - 17th July 2020
For: - enrolled students

- employee/guest researcher of Göttingen University and to the university belonging institutes e.g. MPIs, DPZ, DLRZ

Requirement: Placement test: possible from about the beginning of March, it is currently being converted
Registration students: via StudIP from 14th April 8.00 am - 16th April 2020

With the "StudIP-Nr." in the course programme (PDF) you will find the courses in StudIP

Registration employees: only have to come after the placement test to the first class session with their employee ID
Guest auditors:only after consultation with the management: E-Mail: Monika Wilhelm
ECTS-points: - 2h/week-course: 3 CPs

- 4h/week-course: 6 CPs

Requirement for CPs: - regular attendance and the passing of the exam

Programme Summer term 2020: To be published around the end of March