Lektorat Deutsch als Fremdsprache

German courses - SoSe 2018

Infoveranstaltung für Internationale Studierende für das Wintersemester 2018/2019
am 04.10.2018 von 14.00-16.00 Uhr im ZHG (im Foyer)

Course length:
From 22nd October 2018
till 1st February 2019
- enrolled students
- employee/guest researcher of Göttingen University and to the university belonging institutes e.g. MPIs, DPZ, DLRZ
Placement test:
from 27th August 2018 forwards
For further information please look on the right.
Registration students:
via StudIP
15th October 2018, 8.00 am -
18th October 2018
Registration employees:
can come after the placement test to the first class session with their employee ID
- 2h/week-course: 3 CPs
- 4h/week-course: 6 CPs

Requirement for CPs:
- regular attendance
- to pass the exam
Programme WiSe 2018/19:

will be published at the beginning of October