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Summer semester 2023

Course length: 17 April 2023 to 14 July 2023

Teaching form: face-to-face classes, some courses online

For: enrolled international students/PhD students of Goettingen University

employees & visiting scientists Unfortunately, employees & visiting scientists of the University of Goettingen & associated institutes e.g. MPIs, DPZ, DLRZ etc. can no longer participate in our courses due to a strongly reduced course offer. The IIK Göttingen (partner institute of the University of Göttingen) will provide a corresponding offer soon. Please contact them.
Requirements: 1.) Placement test (for new entrants)

Please assess your current language level yourself using this online test.

2.) Appearance in the first lesson

Enrolled students who have no knowledge of German at all do not need to take a placement test. Please register for an A1.1 course.

Registration students: via StudIP from

11 April 2023 till 13 April 2023

In StudIP you will find the courses under the search term

"Deutschkurs%A1.1" e.g. for A1.1-courses or you can find all courses with the keyword "Deutschkurs"

ECTS-points: - 2h/week-course: 3 CPs

- 4h/week-course: 6 CPs

Requirement for CPs: - Sufficient attendance and passing of the exam

Program winter term 2022/23: Course programme (compact) for winter term 2022/23 (PDF)
The detailed programme is in the menu on the right.

German courses during lecture-free period? ➔ offers our partner institute, the IIK Göttingen.