Jan Tolsdorf, M.Sc.


Jan Tolsdorf studied media technology at the TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences, where he received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees. After working as a software developer for web, audio and video technologies, he joined Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luigi Lo Iacono's group for data and application security at the TH Köln in 2018 as a research assistant. There he is researching topics in the area of usable security & privacy.

Research interests

  • Usability of user-centric solutions for privacy and security
  • Information privacy in digitised workplaces


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  • Gruschka, N.; Lo Iacono, L.; Tolsdorf, J. Classification of Android App Permissions: Tell Me What App You Are and I Tell You What You Are Allowed to Do. In Proceedings of the 17th European conference on information warfare and security (ECCWS), Oslo, Norway, 28-29 June 2018
  • Nguyen, H.V.; Tolsdorf, J.; Lo Iacono, L. On the Security Expressiveness of REST-based API Definition Languages. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference On Trust, Privacy and Security In Digital Business (TrustBus), Lyon, France, 30–31 August 2017