Language Tests & Acknowledgements

Is it possible to validate credits accorded by external institutions?

Yes, it is. To do so, fill out this form and hand it in, signed, to the assessment board (ZESS, Room 0.116), together with the required documents, as stated on the form.

Can I receive a formal acknowledgement of participation at the end of a course?
Acknowledgement slips can be printed out anytime from Flexnow2. Should you require assistance, do take a look at the following online manual: PDF.

When are acknowledgements certifying language proficiency handed out?
Acknowledgements of language skills, as required by universities or for overseas internships, are issued by the relevant language supervisor upon successful conclusion of a test. Do make use of the contact form.

Can I receive credits for courses that I have already taken, albeit at another college-level institution?
In order to receive formal acknowledgement of courses attended at institutions other than ZESS, do get in touch with the relevant language supervisor. An updated contact list can be found

I would like to attend the next level of a course that I took 8 semesters ago. How can I make this possible?
Should you want to attend the next level of a course that you have taken a while back, it is imperative to first have it formally acknowledged by the assessment board (Room 0.116). Bring along the relevant proofs of your conclusion of the course you want acknowledged, as without these, it will not be possible to register for the desired level on FlexNow.

When should I register for an exam?
Registration for a course on FlexNow, automatically makes you eligible to sit for the exam as well.

How often am I allowed to be marked absent from a course? What should I do in cases of long-term illnesses?
Do take a look at this page: Attendance of ZESS Courses

How can I gain entry to an exam?
You are permitted entry to an exam upon regular and active participation throughout the course, as well as completion of the assignments handed out to you.