Laura Amna Stauth, M.A.

Laura Stauth is a visual anthropologist and Phd candidate at the university of Goettingen.

Her previous work sprung from the interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects in Germany and Egypt. Her chief areas of interest are visual ethnography and digital media and their role in challenging political climates, laying her primary regional focus on Egypt.

Her interest in visual methods led her to complete her MA at Leiden University with a specialisation in visual ethnography. Together with a research grant she completed a documentary which centred on the lives of women working in the informal labour sector in Egypt. As an interdisciplinary professional she has gathered work experience at the Goethe Institut in Cairo where she designed and managed a variety of collaborative community based projects in the field of arts, culture and film across Egypt. As a cultural practitioner she has been supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Her current research focus lies on the impact of changing digital media trends and everyday life practices in Egypt, in light of growing political, economic and material restrictions in the aftermath of the uprising.

Digital media “leisure-politics and consumptions”, visual anthropology and vernacular image practices and visual culture in contemporary Egypt and new media practices, gender and performance in Cairo, informal sektor labor, everyday life practices and informal housing in Egypt, affect, body experiences and transregional perspectives.

  • HAIR – Emotions, fashion, sexuality and body experiences in Islam in multidimensional and transregional perspectives

  • Trans-regional Mediascapes: the uprooted home, precarious labor and digital infrastructures in informal settlements in Egypt

  • Combating Space and Performing Juncture. A study of domestic labour in Egypt