Legal Regulations

In the Guidelines on the use of Study Quality Resources at the University of Göttingen and the regulations on the use of Study Quality Resources, all the most important, basic information that is required for the application process can be found.

Forfurther questions with regards to the centralised use of Study Quality ResourcesAnne Beckel from the Controlling Department.

Who decides how the Study Quality Resources will be used?

At the Faculty for Agricultural Sciences, Students are heavily involved in the decision-making process. The Study Commission, who is responsible for the allocation of funding, is formed from two University Lecturers, two representatives of the University Staff, along with four current Students of the University. Therefore, giving the student body equal voting rights as to how the funding is to be allocated.

Ideas and Suggestions for New Measures

Any member of the Faculty of Agricultural Science may submit proposals for the use of Study Quality Resources. If you have an idea or a specific proposal ready, please contact Jörg Heinzemann Dr. Jörg Heinzemann, who ist responsible for this in the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

Which applications are central? Which are decentralised?

Decentralised are all measures, that are carried out at the faculty level (e.g. tutorials, preliminary courses, excursions etc). If you have a proposal for a subject or subject area for the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, this is handled as a decentralised application, which can be submitted during the application timeframe using the application portal. This application will then be handled by the Study Commission and following, their opinions will be passed on to the Faculty Council and Committee.

Central are all measures that are carried out on the University level, that are applicable to students from more than one faculty. Therefore, these applications must be submitted from multiple faculties. The applications for central measures are decided upon by the zKLS-plus, after the Senate has decided.