Library of the Institute for Agricultural Law

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Tue - Fr: 08:00 - 10:00 pm
Sa: 09:00 am - 8:00 pm

Currently, access to the MZG is restricted to university staff from 8:00 pm on weekdays, 02:00 pm on Saturdays and all day on Sundays - please bring your university ID.

Please also note the current changes and information of the central libraries of the Faculty of Law and the SUB Göttingen.

The Library of the Institute for Agricultural Law has by now grown into a unique special library of approximately 22,000 volumes.
The attractiveness of the library rests on its national, European and international as well as comparative agricultural law literatures and jurisprudence and is annually expanded.

When the institute was founded in 1961, the stock of books of the former Institute for Agricultural and Economic Law were taken over, and have been further completed and supplemented. In addition, the agricultural publications of foreign countries were being collected alongside the German literature. In the first few years, the focus was on the procurement of books on German agricultural law in the area of traditional agricultural law. With the expansion of the fields of work the procurement of books extended to other areas of legal matters which have gained an edge over the traditional aspects of agricultural law over the last decades with regard to the volume of newly acquired monographs.

The focus of the library extends to the following areas:

  • traditional Agricultural law (agricultural inheritance law, property and real estate law, land leasing law, land consolidation law, cooperative law)
  • modern areas of Agricultural law (especially agricultural economic law, agricultural social legislation, agricultural tax law, animal husbandry law, epizootic disease law, variety protection law, seed trade law, food law, trademark law)
  • Agricultural law of the new federal states
  • Law of environmental protection in agriculture and forestry with adjacent areas (especially forest law, nature conservation law, hunting law, fishing rights law, water rights law, waste legislation, immission control law, environmental impact assessment, soil protection law, plant health law, fertilizer law, green gene technology law, animal protection law)
  • Agricultural law of the European Union
  • Agricultural law of foreign countries ( especially of the members of the European Union and Switzerland, isolated former Eastern European countries, the USA, Latin America and different states of Asia and Africa)
  • Agricultural history as well as economic and social history of agriculture
  • Agricultural policy, agricultural economics, environmental economics and agricultural sociology

The library is unique and primarily funded by third parties. In addition, it is open to everyone and offers singular studying opportunities.