Library usage and loan

Cultural Studies Divisional Library (BBK)

Our library media located at the BBK are no longer reference library media, but are included in the regular lending. The terms of lending are according to the SUB, 4 weeks regular loan with the possibility for renewal. This applies to all media types except for the reference works (encyclopedias). You can find our media in the open shelves of the BBK, Trakt A 2nd floor. Shelf numbers:

  • Monographs: shelves A2.46–50
  • Journals: shelf A2.51
  • Sheet music: shelves A2.52–53

Shelfmark Shelf Subject area
N A2.46 Reference works
S A2.46 Special collections: estate Reinhard; estate Husmann
08.xx–21.xx A2.46 Interdisciplinary monographs
24.00–24.29 A2.46 Theatre
24.30–24.39 A2.46 Film
24.40–24.41 A2.46 Music: general, organisations, training
24.42 A2.46 Systematic musicology
24.43 A2.46 Music philosophy
24.44 A2.46 Music psychology
24.45 A2.46 Music sociology
24.46–24.49 A2.46 Systematic musicology, acoustics
24.50 A2.46–47 Historical musicology
24.51 A2.47 European music history until 1000 AD
24.52 A2.47 European music history 1000 - 1600 AD
24.53 A2.47 European music history 1600 - 2000 AD
24.54 A2.47 European music history from 2000 AD
24.55 A2.47–49 Composers, musicians: biographical literature
24.60 A2.49 Musical genres
24.61 A2.49 Vocal music
24.62 A2.49 Music theatre
24.63 A2.49 Popular music
24.64 A2.49 Instrumental music
24.65 A2.49 Jazz
24.66 A2.49–50 Sacred music
24.68 A2.50 Musical genres: other
24.70–24.71 A2.50 Song books
24.75–24.76 A2.50 Music theory, compositional theory
24.77 A2.50 Interpretation of music
24.80–24.89 A2.50 Musical instruments
24.90 A2.50 Singing
24.91 A2.50 Musical sources
24.92–24.99 A2.50 Musicology interdisciplinary, other
25.00–25.14 A2.50 Ethnomusicology: general
25.15–25.30 A2.50–51 Comprehensive areas
25.32–25.34 A2.51 Regional studies
25.40 A2.51 Ethnomusicology interdisciplinary
30.xx–89.xx A2.51 Interdisciplinary monographs
Tb A2.51 Libretti
Z A2.51–52 Journals
24.50 ... P A2.52 Sheet music: editions collected series
24.55 ... P A2.52–53 Sheet music: composers' collected editions (scores, critical apparatus)
24.55 ... Tp A2.53 Sheet music: study scores
You can research all media in GUK. Please take out the media from the shelves yourself, either for usage in the library reading room or for lending. You can lend media at the BBK servicepoint or at the self-service loan stations. Refer to the "guide to the music collections in the BBK" (pdf) or the ground plans for an overview of the locations of different subject libraries within the BBK.


The media from the musicological library (sheet music, CDs, audio cassettes, vinyls) within the SUB central library are stored in the stack rooms. You can find and loan them via GUK, also for loan outside of the library.

The media in the SUB Historical Building are searchable in GUK and can only be used within the reading room of the Historical Building.

Our microfiches/microfilms at the SUB stack rooms are still in the process of cataloguing. Access in the meantime is possible by contacting Sabine Witt (SUB MiFo-Magazin),

Media in the Sound Studio

The media stored in the sound studio of the Department of Musicology, KWZ 2.830 (shellacks, magnetic tapes) are accessed by contacting Prof. Andreas Waczkat, who is responsible for the sound studio. At the studio, technical equipment for the use of the sound media is available. An introduction is provided by Prof. Waczkat.
The shellacks are catalogued in a simple list document. The magnetic tapes are not catalogued. They comprise field recordings by ethnomusicologists from the history of the Department of Musicology.