Making material available in Stud.IP

In order to avoid legal claims it is important that all materials in the Stud.IP tuition portal are copyright-protected and only accessible to a limited group of participants within the framework of a course.

When uploading a file to Stud.IP you will automatically be asked whether a file is free of third party rights. If it is not, only a selected group of participants will be able to download it.

There are several ways of restricting access to a Stud.IP course to a selected group of participants.

For larger meetings (e.g. compulsory Bachelor lectures) we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Restrict access to students from specific degree courses. This enables you to ensure that only students who are signed up on one of the given degree courses at the University of Göttingen can enrol for the course.
  • Set a time limit for students to enrol for the course.
  • At the end of the enrolment period you will have a clear view of who has enrolled for the course. After the enrolment date has passed, you can still admit additional students to the course.
  • Only post protected material after the enrolment period has expired. The conditions of Section 60a UrhG are only met provided there is a closed group of participants.
  • Make enrolment for the course compulsory and deactivate the unsubscribe option for the students. This way you can prevent students signing in briefly and signing out again immediately after downloading the material. This also provides additional oversight of the participants.

For smaller meetings (e.g. Masters seminars) we recommend the following options:

  • Only permit provisional enrolment for the course. After enrolment, all students are entered on the waiting list for the course. However this does not yet allow them access to the content.
  • You now have a precise overview of who has enrolled for the course and can pick which students are entitled to attend the course and refuse everyone else. If you are need more information about a student, you can contact them via Stud.IP.
  • You can post protected material at any time. No one can take part in the course without your active consent. The conditions of Section 60a UrhG are met as there is a closed group of participants.