Application for a Master's thesis position:

Master's thesis positions at the Chair of Marketing and Consumer Behavior will be filled from 01.01.2024 via a standardized awarding procedure.

The awarding procedure specifies fixed time periods for the completion of the master's thesis and for registration for the awarding procedure. These can be found in the following overview:
Writing the Master Thesis      Registration Procedure
April - July 16. October till 15. February
August - November 16. February till 15. June
December - March 16. June till 15. October

In order to apply for a Master's thesis within a desired period, you must firstly complete the relevant application form Antragsformular thoroughly and on time. Please ensure that you have obtained all the accompanying documents listed below in time and have them available in digital form for uploading at the time of application.

--> Accompanying documents to be submitted:

• Current transcript from the examination office

Incomplete applications cannot be considered in the allocation procedure for Master's thesis places.

Within two weeks of the application deadline, you will be informed of the outcome of the procedure and the next steps. If you decide to apply for another Master's thesis position after submitting your application, please inform us of your withdrawal immediately in an informal e-mail to out of consideration for your fellow students.

The number of supervised theses depends on the available supervision capacity of the professorship. If you have been accepted, you can view the list of topics up to four weeks before your planned start date. After viewing the list, you have two weeks to make your decision and contact the relevant supervisor. You will then register with the Examination Office within two weeks.

If you would like to work on a special topic, e.g. due to an internship, please contact the relevant member of staff in advance. The main research areas / topics for theses offered by the chair can be found below.

Research Interests/Topic Areas for Thesis with the Chair:
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Boztuğ: Modeling of Purchase Decisions, Consumer Behavior, Pricing Strategy, Brand Choice Models, Market Basket Analysis, Food Marketing

Stephen Youngjun Park (Ph. D): Discrete Choice Modeling, Consumer Behavior, Quantitative Marketing, Diffusion of Sustainable Energy and Transportation (thesis must be written in English)

Ahmet Samet Ergün, M. A.: Consumer Behavior, Influence Factors on Purchase Decisions, Cross Cultural Studies, E-Commerce

Anne-Christelle Lago, MMM: Consumer Behavior, Social Media, Nutrition and Health Claims, Advertising effectiveness

Chiara Pfeiffer, M. Sc.: Consumer Behavior, Influence of Personality Traits on Purchasing and Consumer Decisions, Decion and Judgement Heuristics

Jasmin Werner, M. Sc.: Consumer Behavior, Sustainable Consumption, E-commerce