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More about Göttingen Campus QPLUS

Göttingen University is participating in the Joint Federal and State Government Programme for better study conditions and better quality in teaching (the third pillar of the Higher Education Pact) by staging the project Göttingen Campus QPLUS Qualitätsprogramm für Lehre und Studium (quality programme for Student and Academic Services) and as a partner in the Lower Saxony group project eCULT (eCompetencies and Utilities for Learners and Teachers).

For the Project Göttingen Campus QPLUS, over 17 million EUR have been allocated to Göttingen University from 2011 to 2016 to improve study conditions and the quality of teaching. For the continuation of the project in the second phase (2016 - 2020) another 15 million EUR were approved.

Five fields of action for better quality in Student and Academic Services
The University regards good study environments and high quality standards in teaching as indispensable prerequisites for its further development. With active participation from students and in close cooperation with the responsible representatives from the presidential board, the faculties and the administration, five fields of action have been defined for the project, which comprise the measures to improve the study environments and the quality of teaching for which applications have been lodged.

Improvements are targeted for the next few years through

  • further development of the introductory phase of studies
  • temporary professorships and additional chairs
  • strengthening of quality management in Student and Academic Services
  • additional facilities for teaching staff to upgrade their qualifications
  • testing of innovative teaching methods

Continuity and sustainability
In view of the expected increased influx of students over the next few years, the objective of this project is to achieve improvements on a broad basis within the University and to secure them permanently through the measures planned for Göttingen Campus QPLUS.
To ensure sustainability, Göttingen University intends to contribute substantial funds from its own resources following the end of the project.