Morning career talk: "Academic career in mathematics?!", 17 december 2015

17 december 2015, 9 - 12 am, Institute for Numerical and Applied Mathematics (seminar room), Lotzestr. 16-18, 37083 Göttingen

An academic career may mean highest honours, but also brings many challenges. Pursuing a professorship comes with long periods of job insecurity - which is especially difficult in a stage of life where many look for predictability and continuity.
In mathematics (with the exception of the teacher training), women are a minority not only in the course of studies, but also at the various career levels. Because of equality policies many facilities and institutes claim: "Desperately looking for women!"

  • What are the consequences of this situation for the career planning of female students and researches who are considering a career in mathematics?
  • Which conditions and factors contribute to successfully realising the career goal of becoming a professor?
  • Which strategies could be helpful at the various career levels?

  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Blunck, herself professor for mathematics and gender studies since 2004, will give insights to her job profile, her way to her position and recent chances and risks of choosing an academic career in mathematics.
    This talk is directed to female students (especially master students), PhD students and Postdocs. Ms Blunck will be available for your questions about career planning in mathematics.

    Andrea Blunck is professor for mathematics and gender studies at the University of Hamburg since 2004. She obtained a doctorate in mathematics 1990 (Hamburg) and her habilitation in mathematics 1997 (Darmstadt). Fields of research: Incidence geometry, geometric algebra as well as women and gender studies in mathematics.