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Compensation of disadvantages application for examinations and examination prerequisites

Disabilities or chronic diseases can lead to direct disadvantages in university studies. Therefore compensation possibilities have been provided, which are designed to offset such disadvantages on an individual basis.

Compensation of disadvantages concerns the form in which studies are to be performed. It does not affect the required quality standards in any way. The objective is to change general conditions in such a way that all students are provided with equal opportunities to complete their studies.

In the right-hand column, you will find more detailed information on “compensation of disadvantages”. If you wish to lodge an application for compensation of disadvantages, please contact the relevant information and counselling institutions of Göttingen University as early as possible:

Representative for students with disabilities and chronic diseases

  • Answers to basic questions on prerequisites, required evidence and procedures for compensation of disadvantages
  • Information on additional possibilities of assistance and structural measures to remove or mitigate existing barriers

Academic and Examination Advising in the Faculties

  • Counselling on the implementation of individual compensation of disadvantages in compliance with the requirements for examination prerequisites and examination results
  • Reaching agreements with the examination office and teaching staff
  • Clarification support: practical recommendations for action