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Native language classes

Several schools offer classes in the students’ native languages as additional training. At present, classes in the following languages are offered in Göttingen: Farsi (Persian), Greek, Italian, Japanese, Croatian, Serbian-Croatian, Spanish, and Turkish.

The following schools in Göttingen offer bilingual education in the English language in various subjects:

Böttinger Str. 17
The subjects Sports, Geography, Chemistry and History are taught in English from Year 1 at the school.

Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium, School for Europe
Grotefendstr. 1
A bilingual option is available in English for the subjects History, Geography (as of Year 7) and Politics (as of Year 9).

Hainberg Gymnasium, UNESCO Project-School
Friedländerweg 19
The subjects Sport, Politics and History are taught in English for students as of Year 7.