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Offers for institutes, workgroups and teams

This offer comprises different qualification activities targeted at raising noticeably abilities of cooperating in a team (e.g. in work- or project teams, at institutes or organisational units). Sometimes, organisational, technical or personnel changes do not only affect individual members but the whole team and can have great impact on process flows. HR development offers support and supervision for teams on their path to a better collaboration, by

  • providing counsel whether or not a qualification activity could help
  • finding and conveying experienced moderators or trainers
  • providing supervision by attending qualification activities on site

Each qualification activity is drafted and well adjusted to the needs of the querying entity. In this respect, we propose a step-by-step preparation:

  • Initial discussion: Case study and agreement on framework conditions (content-related, organisational, financial)
  • Proposal of a qualification activity: Upon information retrieval, HR development will draft a qualification measure and find suitable moderators or trainers from its pool of trainers
  • Joint final definition of the qualification activity to be arranged between the institute / team superior and the appointed trainer
  • Organisational handling: If desired, HR development provides a room for the training and supports you with a thorough handling from the first communication until the evaluation (e.g. issue certificates on attendance, evaluation materials etc.)
  • Follow-up work: if necessary, HR development proposes further steps after the evaluation of the qualification activity.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!