Open Forum Format

Call for Foren

We would like to invite all conference participants to suggest events in the ‘Open Forum Format’ (Fora).

The Open Format Fora create an open space for discussion of any pressing issues with other conference participants; open and closed workshops; book presentations; project consortium meetings; as well as working group meetings of members of the German Gender Studies Association (FG Gender) or Atgender (for instance on inclusion and exclusion from the organization, ethical issues, media representation of gender studies etc.).

We would also like to invite those interested in establishing a new working group (within one of the national or international feminist associations) to submit their ideas for the Open Forum.

All abstracts submitted by 12.02.2018 will be published in conference proceedings.

However, it is also possible to suggest an event spontaneously during the conference based on emerging topics and discussions.

An Open Forum event can take 1,5 hours or 3 hours (the latter would be two slots with a lunch break in the middle), so please indicate in your proposal the preferred time frame.

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