Participation in personnel measures

In order to ensure equality in application processes for employees of the administration as well as for academic staff, the equal opportunity commissioner must be involved. You will therefore find the following schedule that allows for smooth hiring:

  • 1. Each newly vacant position must generally be posted at least within the University (see „Guideline for posted positions and subsequent selection procedure“)

  • Here you can find samples for job postings from HR department.

  • 2. The equal opportunity comissioner must be informed in advance about all posted vacancies including their text and their posting so that an opportunity to comment in time is given. (Form „Endorsement of job postings“)

  • 3. After approval of the job posting, the text may be made public.

  • 4. End of the application period. Message to the Equality Team that the received documents can be viewed.

  • 5. Before the invitations are sent , a list with the invitees and the scheduled interviews is to be sent to the Equality Team. In case of discrepancies, we will contact you.

  • 6. Job interviews: If possible, the equal opportunity commissioner will participate.

  • 7. Forward completed forms „Request for measure pertaining to personnel law“ including „Checklist for setting up the posting and hiring procedure“ to the equal opportunity commissioner so that approval to the hiring can be confirmed by signature.

  • 8. Hiring of the candidate.