Petition Campaign - the Right to a Safe Delivery

Having a Safe Delivery - has it crossed your mind yet?

The reverse of Hebammen, closing birth-stations and increasing c-sections may not yet be a thing of importance for young adults. However, when the time for family-planning does come, many parents-to-be face precisely these problems. The Elterninitiative für sichere Geburten e.V. took it upon itself to tackle the problems associated with child delivery. Their actions resulted in a nation-wide petition campaign 'The Right to a Safe Delivery'. In order to reach out to a wider audience and employ the perspectives of young students, the society turned to the Project Management Workshop run by Alexander Moritz. Three socially engaged students, Celine Brinsa, Denise Walter and Olga Gerassimenko, took charge of this community service project in the summer of 2018. Within seven weeks, the students were able to hang two posters, print out 300 flyers and various baby motives for their three-day public campaign at ZGH, despite the absence of a budget. This was made possible by the support from artist, Ari Plikat, and printing company, Klartext. More than 1000 students were informed and more than 120 signatures were collected for the petition. The campaign was thus a complete success!