Graduation Ceremony

Quarterly an official and public graduation ceremony is taking place at the university’s auditorium and held by one of the deans of the five founding faculties of GAUSS. He/she is announcing the name as well as the thesis title of all GAUSS doctoral candidates who have successfully passed their doctoral examination in the last months and congratulates them to the completion of their doctoral studies. In case of a summa cum laude the final degree is also mentioned during the ceremony.
The graduation ceremony takes place at 16:15 h in the auditorium at Wilhelmsplatz 1.
Please note that at this event you won’t receive your official doctoral certificate but only a provisional one.
If you are unable to attend the ceremony, please report this to Ms. Rebecca Willhardt at the GAUSS Office (phone: 39-21706; email:

Graduation Ceremony dates in 2019:


Graduation Ceremony dates in 2020:

24.04.2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19
24.07.2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19
23.10.2020 - cancelled due to COVID-19

Graduation Ceremony dates in 2021:

22.01.2021 - cancelled due to COVID-19
16.04.2021 - cancelled due to COVID-19
09.07.2021 - cancelled due to COVID-19
22.10.2021 - cancelled due to COVID-19