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Procedure – how does the application work?

How to apply

  • Applications should be submitted to the respective examination board (preferably at the beginning of each course or as soon as the study programme for the semester has been established).
  • Prior to lodging the application, it is advisable to discuss the matter with the teacher of each course; the teachers may prepare a statement for the examination board.
  • You can contact the Study Advisory Service of the faculties or the Central Student Advisory Service to have questions concerning the actual form of compensation of disadvantages and the application procedure answered.


The application must be submitted to the examination board or the examination office responsible. The following documents are required:

  • details of the student’s disability; disclosure of the diagnosis is not mandatory
  • a description of the handicaps actually present in the examination situation
  • submission of a proposal for compensation to offset the handicap
  • original (!) certificate from a medical specialist and/or statement from licensed psychotherapists

The examination board will make a decision about the application at short notice and notify both the student and the teachers responsible of its decision in writing.