Professorship Gabriele Rosenthal

The chair of qualitative methodology (Rosenthal) is particularly renowned in the field of interpretive methods, biographical research and intergenerational relations. An emphasis is put on comparative case reconstructions (case levels: biography, family, milieu, ethnic or religious groupings) on an international level, in particular in the subject areas migration, ethnicity, socio-political conflicts, discrimination and intergenerational transmission. On a methodological level one main focus is on the triangulation of family- and life-historical methods, ethnographic methods (interviews, participant observation and video-analysis) and discourse analysis.

The work of Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rosenthal has received much acclaim internationally and is well positioned in research and teaching. Apart from long-established working contacts in Brazil, Israel, the Ukraine, Tanzania, Ghana and Hungary (the latter within the context of the EU-Erasmus-Program), Professor Rosenthal is the principal investigator of the trilateral German-Israeli-Palestinian research cooperation Belonging to the Outsider and Established Groupings: Palestinians and Israelis in Various Figurations, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Further planning focuses on a conjunction of various ongoing research projects (also in the context of doctoral dissertations and training research projects) under the joint question of transgenerational effects of migration and discrimination in interrelation with collective and of societal histories.