Collaborative Research Centre 990: Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Project Group A - Environmental processes

All scientific projects (SP) are complementary as they address different temporal and spatial scales. Temporally, the investigations cover the historic environment dynamics (A01 Behling), current situation (A02 to A05) and future climate (A03 Knohl). Spatially, research activities span from soil subplots (A04 Kuzyakov, A05 Veldkamp/Corre) to individual trees, to ecosystems (A02 Hölscher, A03 Knohl, and A05 Veldkamp/Corre) and finally to the landscape and study region (A01 Behling¸ A03 Knohl, A04 Kuzyakov and A05 Veldkamp/Corre). Methodologically, the SPs combine field and laboratory experimental work (A01 to A05) with process-oriented (e.g., internal soil N cycling, statistical models, residue decomposition, A05 Veldkamp/Corre) and regional scale climate and land surface modelling (A03 Knohl).

Project A