Project related theses

Bachelor Theses
Kerstin Krüger, Hydrogen Atom scattering from Au(111): Effect of kinetic energy, 2015
Patrick Floß, Hydrogen Atom scattering from Epitaxial Graphene on Pt(111): Determination of Adsorption Threshold, 2017
Henri Schmerberg, H atom scattering from Pt(111): Kinetic energies beyond the workfunction, 2019

Master Theses
Hansjochen Köckert, Hydrogen Atom scattering from Platinum probed by Rydberg Atom Tagging, 2015
Nils Hertl, Hydrogen Atom Scattering from Ni(111), 2016
Kerstin Krüger, Hydrogen Atom Scattering from Au(111): Surface Temperature Dependence, 2018

Ph.D. Theses
Hongyan Jiang, Dynamics of Hydrogen Atoms Scattering from Surfaces, 2016
Yvonne J. Dorenkamp, Inelastic H-Atom Scattering from Ultra-Thin Films, 2018