Qualification & Training

In addition to your independent research, which you will conduct at one of the research groups on the Göttingen Campus, GAUSS and GGNB are offering a wide range of qualification and training courses (for course registration see end of page). Our program gives you the opportunity to tailor your choice of courses, seminars, workshops, and other activities to your specific needs and also prepares you for your next career steps – in- and outside of academia.

Moreover, you have access to a wide range of additional possibilities offered by all participating institutions and campus partners to further develop your scientific skill set and acquire education beyond the scope of your PhD project.

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Registration for GAUSS and GGNB courses

GAUSS and GGNB courses are offered throughout the year and are supplemented by industry excursions (company visits) and additional career-related events and are regularly announced in the monthly GAUSS Newsletter.
An overview of courses can be accessed on EXA and will be updated regularly (path: Research facilities > Göttinger Graduiertenschulen > Georg-August University School of Science (GAUSS)).
The professional skills courses and industry excursions are featuring a “traffic light” system indicating for which stage of your PhD we deem the course to be especially suitable (green: early; yellow: middle; red: late). These are recommendations only except for the industry excursions and the application skills courses; for those preference will be given to participants in the late-stage of their PhD.

Registration for all courses held in one month will open two months before (i.e. registration 1-20 February for courses in April, 1-20 March for courses in May, etc.). Each registration is open for three weeks and can be accessed via the individual course pages on Stud.IP (see detailed instructions how to register (here).

Allocation of course places

The allocation of courses is usually taking place around the 25th of each month. Once this is completed you will receive a confirmation email for the courses in which you can take part or where you hold a position on the waiting list.
Once you have received this confirmation, please verify if you are able to take all courses you have been assigned to and check carefully for overlaps. In case you need to cancel your participation, please do so immediately in your Stud.IP account but latest by the last day of that month. This enables us to offer your slot to the next person on the waiting list.

Binding registration

On the 1st of the next month, participation becomes binding for all courses taking place in the following month (e.g. 1st March for courses taking place in April).
Planning and realizing the courses implies a great financial but also organizational effort. We can only maintain our course program if we are able to rely on that the registered participants are showing up. Therefore, later cancellations are only accepted on the grounds of illness (sick certificate) or a written statement by your supervisor explaining scientific reasons has to be submitted. Unsubstantiated cancellations and no shows will result in exclusion from all courses for 12 months.