Registration for Courses

When do courses begin?

Regular courses begin, as a rule, in the first semester week. Information as to the start of intensive and weekend courses is made available nearer to the date. All relevant dates can be found here: UniVZ.

Can I still attend a course after it has already begun?
It is not possible to participate in a ZESS course after the registration deadline.

I missed the pre-registration phase. Can I still register for a course?
Yes, you may still register for a course as per normal during the stated registration phase. All current registration phases can be found here.

How do I register on FlexNow?
FlexNow2 is the official university registration system. More information can be found here.
You will receive an email from FlexNow2 upon successful registration or withdrawal from a course.
You may only attend a course at ZESS if you have successfully registered for it on FlexNow (i.e. before the deadline.

I failed to officially withdraw from a course on time. Will this be indicated?
Students who fail to withdraw from a course before the deadline will find in FlexNow an entry reading, "ZESS - insufficient attendance." While this entry shall not be visible on your leaving certificate, note that you will, as a result, receive least priority during the next sortition. More information can be found here.