Biodiversity, Macroecology and Biogeography


research1kreft Global biodiversity is changing at an unprecedented pace in response to a multitude of anthropogenic drivers leading to considerable losses of important ecological, economic, and societal benefits of biodiversity and ecosystem functions. Developing science-based solutions in order to minimize adverse impacts requires an in-depth understanding of the distribution, origin, and maintenance of biodiversity.

Macroecology, a young and rapidly developing discipline, aims at analyzing ecological patterns at broad geographic scales and at developing predictions about species distributions and emerging properties such as species richness or endemism.

research2kreftOur research group investigates broad-scale ecological and biogeographic patterns with a particular focus on plants in order to document general trends in the spatial distribution of biodiversity, to better understand the underlying processes and to develop knowledge, theory, and tools for applied questions in conservation. Our research is integrative and interdisciplinary at the interface between macroecology, biogeography, evolutionary biology, and bioinformatics.

Lab Sept 2012

The lab in September 2012.