Nuclear and Particle Physics describe the fundamental building blocks of nature and their interactions. New insights are obtained from data taken from particle accelerator experiments and comparisons with theoretical models used in Monte Carlo simulations. Our working groups are active in the following projects:

ATLAS Experiment

The ATLAS Experiment is one of the four main experiments located at the world's most powerful particle accelerator LHC, located at the research center CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. Data from proton/proton collisions is analysed. The focus of the Göttingen ATLAS group is on detector development (in particular pixel detectors), grid computing and data analysis, in particular top quark and Higgs physics.

Belle Experiment / ILC

At the Belle experiment data from electron-positron collisions taken at the KEKB collider at the research center KEK in Tsukuba (Japan) is analysed. The focus is on b-physics.

Ion beam physics

Ion-beam techniques are indispensable today, whether they are employed in manufacturing new microelectronic modules, in the coating of surfaces, in manufacturing and analysis of materials, works of art, archaeological objects and biological samples or in medical therapy.