Research Projects

Current Projects

Molecular and physiological mechanisms of Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (Psylliodes chrysocephala) aestivation.
Güney, Rostás, Ulber

Bruno, Rahman, Rostás

Exploring genetic resistance in Brassica napus and related Brassicaceae against Psylliodes chrysocephala
Rüde, Ulber, Rostás

Feasibility and biosafety of food waste to rear the waste recycling insects Hermetica illuens and Musca domestica
Arif, Rostás

Effect of global change on multitrophic interactions in sugarbeet
Rahman, Rostás

The role of sesquiterpene volatiles emitted by plant-symbiotic Trichoderma virens in plant-herbivore interactions
Slonka, Rostás

Evaluation of environmental influences on the effect of ATTRACAP®, a biological soil insecticide for wireworm control, and subsequent stabilization of the efficiency
Beitzen-Heineke, Vidal

Completed Projects