Our research is primarily about the following topics:

research overview

Environmental Materials for Sustainability and Energy
- Sustainable materials
- Energy transformation / energy conversion
- Development of novel efficient methods for biobased nano-materials (nanocellulose and nanochitin)
- Understanding physicochemical properties

Synthetic Approaches
- Development of sustainable synthetic approaches
- Development of chemical methods to modify sustainable biobased resources
- Chemical modifications of carbohydrates, such as cellulose, chitosan, starch and monosaccharides
- Valorization of lignin

Structure Formation for Functional Materials
- Structuring & fabrication methods for diverse functional materials: gels, nano-/microparticles, surface/interface, films/membranes, emulsions
- Functional materials for various potentials: energy saving & generation, isolation, actuation
- Structure (biopolymers/native nanostructures)-property relationship

Self Assembly and other Physicochemical Processes
- Self-assembly (of nanocellulose and nanochitin, carbohydrate derivatives, and macromolecules)
- Other physicochemical processes (nanoprecipitation, impact of liquid droplets on surface, phase change etc.)

Wood-based Composites & other Hybrid/Composite Materials / Biotechnology center
- Wood-based composites/adhesives
- Light-weight construction
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