Research groups

Grassland science
Prof. Dr. Johannes Isselstein (Sprecher)
Researcher: Sara Heshmati email, Isabelle Nölke email
Topic: Plant traits in mixed grassland stands

Plant breeding
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Link
Researcher: Daniel Siebrecht-Schöll email
Topic: Plant tratis in mixed arable stands

Forest breeding
Prof. Dr. Oliver Gailing
Researcher: Dr. Oleksandra Kuchma email
Thema: Plant traits in mixed woody crops

Prof. Dr. Christian Ammer
Researcher: Jessica Rebola Lichtenberg email
Topic: Interactions of plants in mixed woody stands

Forest botany
Prof. Dr. Andrea Polle
Researcher: Dr. Dejuan Euring email
Topic: Nutrient uptake in short rotation coppice

Prof. Dr. Rolf Rauber, Dr. Catharina Meinen
Bearbeitung: Juliane Streit email, Dr. Inga Dirks email
Topic: Root systems in pure and mixed stands

Prof. Dr. Stefan Vidal
Researcher: Sandra Granzow email
Topic: Multitrophic Interactions in mixed stands

Soil biology
Prof. Dr. Stefan Scheu
Researcher: Paul Götsch email
Topic: Multitrophic Interactions in mixed plant stands (soil aspects)

Plant nutrition
Prof. Dr. Klaus Dittert
Researcher: Annika Lingner email
Topic: Water and nutrient uptake in pure and mixed stands

Agrricultural economics
Prof. Dr. Achim Spiller
Researcher: Dominic Lemken email
Topic: Attitudes towards mixed cropping

Agraricultural Economics
Prof. Dr. Oliver Musshoff
Bearbeitung: Vanessa Bonke email
Thema: Risk economics of mixed cropping

Prof. Dr. Reimund Rötter / Dr. Munir Hoffmann
Researcher: William Nelson email
Topic: Modelling of mixed crop stands

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