Centre of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use


About CBL

The centre concentrates research and development on the manifold aspects of biodiversity and sustainability. Social and natural sciences are involved in investigating solutions for sustainable resource management. National and international partners are involved in research cooperations and alumni networks. The centre is based on a cooperation of the faculties of agricultural sciences, forest sciences and biology.


Research is carried out in scientific and applied approaches. Understanding ecosystem processes should enable for better evaluation of ecosystem services and development of management practices.


CBL organises three study programs on Biological Diversity and Ecology. Resources for teaching are supported by the faculties involved in the cenfre and also by Geographic faculty. This thematic program is unique for Germany and enables for studies from Bsc. to doctoral degree. The centre is also involved in further courses of regular study programs for agriculturists, biologists and forest scientists.


Within a world-wide network, CBL is partner of a joint approach together with the universities of Kassel and Marburg. Workshops and Symposia are organised to foster these cooperations.