Centre of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use

Centre of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use

About CBL

The centre bundles the expertise available at the Göttingen site in the field of biodiversity and sustainability research. Researchers and teachers in the life and social sciences are dedicated to the worldwide unsolved problem of how to reconcile population growth, sustainable resource management and biodiversity. The Center pursues a holistic approach: the interdisciplinary projects in research and teaching involve national and international partners - mainly from developing and emerging countries. In this way, the development of competencies is encouraged from the very beginning and a sustainable global network is created, which is kept alive by active alumni work. The supporting faculties of the Centre are the Faculties of Agricultural Sciences, Biology and Psychology and Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology.


The research activities focus on fundamental and applied topics of ecosystem research, biodiversity and sustainable land use practices. A better understanding of ecosystem processes and functions of biological diversity should enable us to recognise and preserve its value and to develop adapted conservation concepts and strategies based on this understanding. A further focus is the development of site-adapted use systems for arable land, grassland and forests.


The CBL runs three consecutive courses of study on the topic of "Biological Diversity and Ecology". This interdisciplinary study program is provided by the supporting faculties of the Center and the Faculty of Geosciences and Geography. It is the only course of studies of this kind in Germany that offers a continuous education from Bachelor to Dr. rer. nat. The Centre is also involved in numerous courses and study programmes in the fields of agroforestry, agriculture and nature conservation.

Alumni work

In addition, CBL supports students during their stay abroad and career planning by establishing contacts with international partners and alumni. Alumni work in the international master programmes of the Faculties of Forest and Agricultural Sciences as well as superordinate courses, summer schools or alumni meetings on the topics of functional and evolutionary biodiversity research, ecology, sustainable land use and nature conservation support the university's superordinate alumni strategy.