Seifert Collection

Professor Jürgen Seifert´s private collection is one of the most important sources of historical children’s books in Germany. Comprising some 11,500 volumes it represents the history of children’s literature from its beginnings up to the 1990s. The Seifert Collection (or SamS) also shows the whole thematic range of children’s literature. Because of its exemplary character it is a unique resource for teaching and studying.

Seifert´s interest in children’s books was not only that of a bibliophile. The professor of politics also had keen interest in the scientific study of children’s literature, in particular the question of how children’s literature deals with political and social themes. Hence, the main focus of the Seifert Collection is on National Socialist and Socialist children’s literature. In addition, it holds numerous books for girls, pop-up books and various precious picture books.

Click here to see a video about memories of Prof. Jürgen Seifert by his widow Mechthild Rumpf.

As the Seifert Collection is very important with regard to cultural history it is extremely suitable for interdisciplinary cooperation. Scholars of many different faculties such as sociology, politics and the arts might work with this wide-ranging resource.

We offer guided tours on request.

During the winter semester 2011/12 a rich selection of children’s books belonging to the Seifert Collection will be on display at the Georg-August-Universtity of Göttingen in the exhibition „Der rote Wunderschirm. Kinderliteratur der Sammlung Seifert zwischen Frühaufklärung und Nationalsozialismus" („The Red Umbrella. Children’s Literature of the Seifert Collection between early Enlightenment and National Socialism”). Together with historical toys, the most interesting books of the Seifert Collection will be presented in the unique atmosphere of the Pauliner Church.