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Selection committee Creativity and Studies

An independent body (with student representation) will decide on the selection of projects. Besides the quality and creativity of the project the selection procedure will also take into account social aspects and take consideration of diversity. This programme will not sponsor any business start-ups. The judges decision is final; there is no legal right of appealing against the decision of the body. This competition is hold twice a year.

Members of the selection committee
Michael C.-E. Büchting
Vice President Prof. Dr. Christian Ammer
Frithjof Hansing
Prof. Dr. Margarete Boos
Dr. Antonia Gohr
Prof. Dr. Katharina Kunze
PD Dr. Martin Wenderoth
Lilly Marie Florian (Student)
Former members
President Prof. Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel
Isabella Bonas (Student)
Prof. Dr. Ruth Florack
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lücke
Thomas Richter
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Vollmer
Prof. Dr. Nivedita Mani
Katharina Kastendieck
Prof. Dr. Katja Triplett
Prof. Dr. Simone Winko
Prof. Dr. Andrea D. Bührmann
Dr. Ulrich Löffler
Justus Reber (Student)
Christoph Wünsche (Student)
Isabella Bonas (Student)
Dina Nehring (Student)
Arne Paul Ellerbrock (Student)