In publica commoda


The Senate adopts the Basic Statute and the regulations of the University, unless the faculties are responsible in own capacity. It decides on development planning and the equal opportunities plan in agreement with the Presidential Board, and submits a statement on all self-governing matters of fundamental importance.
The Presidential Board is accountable to the Senate in all matters of self-administration within its decision-making competence. Members of the Presidential Board shall be appointed or nominated by the Senate. The Senate may, by a majority of three quarters of its members, remove individual members of the Presidential Board and thus propose their dismissal.
The Senate delegates its own representative to the Foundation Committee University of the University of Göttingen Public Law Foundation. The appointment of the five external members of the University Foundation Committee requires the agreement of the Senate and the Ministry.
The Senate is chaired by the President. The members of the Presidential Board and the Deans as well as the Equal Opportunities Officers and the Chairpersons of the Staff Councils participate in the meetings in an advisory capacity.