Chair of Information Management

Successful paper publication in journals

We are happy to announce that five papers were accepted in the last weeks to be published in journals:

  • Brendel, A.B.; Brennecke, J.T.; Hillmann, B.M.; Kolbe, L.M. (2020): The Design of a Decision Support System for Computation of Carsharing Pricing Areas and its Influence on Vehicle Distribution, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management – Special Issue “Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology”. (forthcoming) [VHB 3: B]
  • Nastjuk, I.; Herrenkind, B.; Marrone, M.; Brendel, A.B.; Kolbe, L.M. (2020): What Drives the Acceptance of Autonomous Driving? Future Directions and Policy. Technological Forecasting and Social Change Journal. (forthcoming) [VHB 3: B]
  • Masuch, K.; Hengstler, S.; Trang, S.; Brendel, A.B. (2020): Replication of the Unified Model of Information Security Policy Compliance, AIS Transactions on Replication Research – Part of the “Information Systems Replication Project”. (forthcoming) [VHB 3: n.a.]
  • Brendel, A.B.; Greulich, R.S.; Niederman, F.; Trang, S. (2020): Towards a Greater Diversity of Replication Studies, AIS Transactions on Replication Research. (forthcoming) [VHB 3: n.a.]
  • Yuan, Y.; Islam, Md S.; Yuan, Y.; Wang, S.; Baker, T.; Kolbe, L.M. (2020): EcRD: Edge-cloud Computing Framework for Smart Road Damage Detection and Warning, IEEE Internet of Things Journal (forthcoming) [VHB n.a.]

Dr. Benedikt Brendel was appointed as professor at the TU Dresden.


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Alfred Benedikt Brendel has been appointed as professor at the Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Intelligent Systems and Services at the TU Dresden. He will start his new position in October. We would like to thank him for the great and encouraging work at our chair and wish him all the best for his new and well-deserved task. We are looking forward to intense cooperation with the TU Dresden from now on. Tim-Benjamin Lembcke will take over his role as research group leader of the SMRG and Maike Greve will from now on lead the DHRG .

Successful dissertations by Dr. Stephan Diederich and Dr. Bernd Herrenkind

We are very happy that last week Dr. Stephan Diederich and Dr. Bernd Herrenkind successfully defended their dissertations on "Designing Anthropomorphic Conversational Agents in Enterprises: A Nascent Theory and Conceptual Framework for Fostering a Human-Like Interaction" and "Driving the Future Diffusion of Mobility: Investigating User Acceptance of Autonomous Driving in Shared Mobility Services". We congratulate both and are happy that we were able to join them "at a distance" to toast their success.

Dear Stephan, we thank you for the good cooperation and the many exciting discussions about chatbots in the past years. You have greatly enriched our team and we wish you all the best for the future. We hope very much that we will stay in contact with you.

Dear Bernd, thank you for two years of collaboration. You have spread a lot of good humor in our team and have helped us a lot. We hope to stay in touch in the future and to have common points of contact.

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