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New IS basket publication of the Chair - EJIS

EJIS We are excited that the paper "Digital M&A, Digital Innovation, and Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation" by Prof. Dr. Andre Hanelt, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Firk, Dr. Björn Hildebrandt und Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe has recently been accepted for publication in the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) and is currently in print.
EJIS as one the leading IS journals worldwide is member of the "AIS Senior Scholars' Basket of Journals" and ranked "A" by the German Academic Association of Business Research (VHB).

Due to the corona virus, all university events are cancelled until 20.4.2020.


The number of Covid19 infection cases in Germany has further increased in the last few days. Therefore, the university has cancelled all events until the 20.04.2020 and the start of lectures originally scheduled for 14.04.2020 will initially be postponed to 20.04.2020. Please stay informed here. All our courses follow the guidelines of the university and we are currently revising out lectures to maintain our extensive range of courses in SoSe 2020.

Paper on human-like chatbot design accepted for publication in Business & Information Systems Engineering journal

We are very happy to announce that our research paper entitled "Designing Anthropomorphic Enterprise Conversational Agents" has been accepted for publication in the journal Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE, VHB 3 Rank: B), the flagship journal of the German-language IS community.

The paper, authored by Stephan Diederich, Dr. Alfred Benedikt Brendel and Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe, reports on the findings of a design science research project with an international professional services company and proposes a nascent design theory for human-like chatbots in a company context.

The article will appear in the special issue on "User Assistance for Intelligent Systems" in summer 2020, the online version is available via SpringerLink.

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