Statistical Consulting for Students

Precautions Corona Virus

As a precaution in the spreading of SARS-Cov-2, statistical consultations will only be offered online (via BBB). For registration please fill in the questionnaire (see right column).

Since the 1st of October 2011, the Centre offers consulting services in statistical questions for students of the University of Göttingen working on their Bachelor or Master thesis. The service comprises the choice of an appropriate statistical model and analysis tool for a data set at hand (e.g. generalized linear models, survival analysis, mixed models, nonparametric regression etc.), general questions concerning different kind of data (e.g. cross-sectional data vs. panel data vs. time series data) as well as the choice of an appropriate estimation method (e.g. likelihood vs. bayesian). Furthermore, the consulting service includes the support in implementing the data analysis in established software packages (Excel, R, Stata, SPSS etc.), as well as interpretation and presentation of the obtained results.

Students from Agricultural Sciences (except for students from the Department of Crop Sciences), Biology (except Microbiology and Genetics), Chemistry, Economic Sciences, Forest Sciences, Geosciences, Geography, Law, Physics, Psychology and Social Sciences address themselves to

Dr. Jennifer Lorenz
Centre for Statistics
Humboldtallee 3, room 0.113

by filling in the questionnaire for students (see the right column of the page) .

We kindly ask all those who have already participated in the consultancy, to fill in the evaluation form.

Students having questions concerning the design and realization of empirical research projects (e.g. questions concerning research and samling design, survey method etc.) or concerning qualitative methods address themselves to the Center of Methods in Social Sciences.

Medical students address themselves to the corresponding service by the UMG Göttingen.

Students from the faculty of psychology address themselves to the corresponding service by the Statistics laboratory of psychology.

Agriculture students of the Department for Crop Sciences address themselves to the corresponding service by Christian Kluth.

PhD students from the graduate Schools GAUSS, GGG, GFA or GSGG address themselves to the corresponding service by the Statistical Consulting for PhD students.