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Radiation protection - X-rays

The Radiation Protection department of the Safety/Environmental Protection staff unit supports the radiation protection officers together with the person responsible for radiation protection. For the University of Göttingen this is the President, for the University Medical Centre Göttingen the Speaker of the Board V1. The President and the Board V1 are responsible for organising radiation protection through the appropriate regulation of operating procedures. This includes the appointment of trained radiation protection officers, the provision of rooms and means for the procurement of equipment and devices as well as the implementation of suitable protective measures which correspond to the state of the art in science and technology for the protection of humans and the environment against the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.

The staff unit looks after all faculties of the University and all University Medical Centre facilities in which either radioactive materials are handled or the equipment that emits ionising radiation is operated.

Our tasks include:

  • Application for approval in accordance with StrlSchV and StrlSchG to the competent supervisory authority for the handling of radioactive substances or for the erection and commissioning of equipment generating ionising radiation (X-ray equipment, accelerator systems).
  • Classification and labelling of radionuclide laboratories in room categories (RK0 - RK3) and advice on the technical construction in accordance with DIN 25425.
  • Appointment/dismissal of radiation protection officers on behalf of the President and the Board V1, as well as their support and advice.
  • Advice on the use of personal protective equipment, decontamination, the use of suitable protective measures and radiation measuring devices, and on the performance of necessary personal dosimetry. Support during restructuring (enlargement, reduction and relocation of laboratory areas).
  • Applications for release procedures with the competent supervisory authority for the release of rooms or equipment from the radioactive area.
  • Support of the institutions during recurring inspections of equipment (e.g. X-ray equipment, leakage tests, etc.).
  • Support with bookkeeping and accounting obligations and other reporting obligations (notifications of acquisitions, disposals and stock levels to the competent supervisory authority).
  • Support of the radiation protection officers in the preparation of radiation protection instructions and reference to the regular duty of instruction of the employees as well as to the duty of storage according to StrlSchV and StrlSchG (for some documents e.g. purchase notices 30 years).
  • Support for waste disposal via the University’s central collection point ("Zentrales Sammellager").
  • Application for and management of radiation passports for employment in foreign radiation protection areas requiring a permit.
  • Cooperation with the company medical service to ensure the occupational health care of occupationally exposed persons.
  • Regular inspections to check the organisational and structural radiation protection measures in the University facilities (without UMG).

  • Employees and students can contact the staff unit directly if they have any questions regarding radiation protection. We are in close contact with all radiation protection officers and the heads of the facilities. We also serve as contact persons for persons exposed to radiation. Solutions for problems are found, helpful contacts are established and employees are supported.