This is new in Stud.IP 5.4

On August 15, 2023, the new version of Stud.IP will go online.

With the transition from Stud.IP 4.6 to Stud.IP 5.4, there are several new features. You can find detailed instructions in the Stud.IP Help Wiki.

If you have any further questions, you can also contact the Stud.IP support directly via email at

Here are the key new features at a glance:


The most obvious innovation can be found in the navigation bar: the new "Workspace" section. Here you will find all self-created content, including announcements, questionnaires, evaluations, Vips tasks, videos, learning modules, as well as the "Tools" and "Files" sections that were previously accessible through separate buttons.

OER Campus

Also in the navigation bar, you will find the OER Campus. It allows you to find and integrate Open Educational Resources (freely usable educational resources) provided through the Lower Saxony OER Portal Twillo into your courses.

Improved Display

There are new viewing options that improve the display on smartphones. These include the tile view:

and the compact navigation.

Additionally, you can customize the order in which the tools are displayed in your courses and rename the tools. Above all, you can determine whether the tools can be seen by students or only by instructors.


One of the best new features is the integration of Courseware into the core of Stud.IP. This integration ensures long-term support for content in Courseware! Courseware is a great option for providing learning modules or self-learning materials in a well-structured manner within Stud.IP. The editing of Courseware is user-friendly for creators and users alike. You can find an overview of the new features of Courseware in this video by the Stud.IP team at TU Braunschweig.

Changes in Tools

In addition to the extensive changes in Courseware, other tools have also been revised:


Behind the Speedgrader feature is the ability to create evaluation templates and thus speed up the assessment of submitted tasks.


You can now determine who is allowed to edit the wiki of a course: only instructors and tutors or also students.

Testing System

If you want to test the new version now, you can use the testing system.

Do you use Courseware?

If so, we strongly encourage you to test the import of your Courseware content into the new version. Courseware has undergone extensive revisions, and the migration may result in changes, especially regarding the layout and settings.


The help can be found behind the small question mark, in the so-called help tab. The help tab provides concise information and notes about the current page. It also contains a link to the comprehensive Stud.IP help and, if available, the help tours. A help tour interactively explains important features and guides you through the steps of a function. There are two types of help tours: those that appear automatically when you first enter a page and those that can only be started manually via the help tab.