Questions concerning Stud.IP access and accounts for lecturers

How do I get a Stud.IP account?
University staff will be transferred from UniVZ to Stud.IP.

  • Are you registered in UniVZ? Please contact the Stud.IP administrators for your institution and ask them to activate your Stud.IP access. If your institution does not have any Stud.IP administrators, please contact the central Stud.IP & e-learning support for lecturers:
  • Not registered in UniVZ? Please contact the UniVZ data entry staff for your institution. Once you have been registered in UniVZ, your institution’s Stud.IP administrators can activate your Stud.IP access.
  • In exceptional and especially urgent cases we are able to set up a temporary account. The procedure necessary for this is however rather more involved, and absolutely requires a request from the institution to which you are attached.

  • I’ve forgotten my password! What do I do?
    Lecturers can request their account data or a new password on the Stud.IP home page. Please click on “Login”, then “forgotten password” and then enter the e-mail address that you have input in Stud.IP. You will then receive an e-mail with further information.
    Please note that we do not store your password, so this process generates a new password. For security, the e-mail with the new password contains a link for you to activate the new password. You have to activate your new password via this link before you log-in again. This process then replaces your old password with the new one.