Student Council

Hello, may we introduce ourselves? We are the Student Council of the Digital Humanities department.

We started to get involved in the institute in the summer semester of 2019. In addition to the official team spokesperson Jule Meyer, we have elected a student representative who will pass on our concerns to the institute staff and provide us with the latest information. We aim to fill as many positions as possible equally with students from the Sections "Image and Object" and "Text and Language".

We are in regular contact with the Institute's teaching staff and help organise Christmas or end-of-semester parties. Independently of this, we organise student events, which we announce on our various communication platforms.

If you have any questions, including about studying from a student perspective, we are at your disposal. You can also contact us with wishes, ideas or problems.

Feel free to contact us directly or write us an e-mail at:

We look forward to working with you and for you!