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About us

The student group Gender Studies is an association of bachelor and master students of the degree course Gender Studies.

Our main focus lies on the needs and matters of the students, so if you are having general questions about the course of studies, you can always approach us. Additionally, we discuss matters of our degree course, assessing what is going well and what could be improved. Our aim here is to create the best learning environment for all concerned students and get the most out of our studies, for which we are also in continuous exchange with the respective lecturers.

Alongside this engagement, we are organizing all kinds of events. Throughout previous semesters, there have been numerous workshops and series of lectures covering a variety of topics. Creating spaces of exchange for the students is another important matter to us, for which we held several introductory events and parties over the past few semesters. Although we are currently limited with respect to these kinds of events due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have found other ways to get together and get to know each other, like virtual game nights and joint lunches in the cafeteria. We are continuously organizing such events and you are very welcome to join!

Want to be up to date on our group’s activities and the current (uni)political events related and important to us? Feel free to sign up for our newsletter (currently only in German)!

Want to know more about the people involved in our group? Make sure to checkout our biographies.

Upcoming events

Contact us

We are always there for you if you or other students are having any concerns or questions regarding the course of studies. Do not hesitate to write an email to or send us a message via Instagram.

If you feel like participating or getting to know the university’s inner structure, you can always join us in our meetings! They are held every Wednesday at 6 pm, and currently we are meeting in the FSR SoWi Room 0.137 in the building "Oeconomicum".

We also created a group on StudIP as a platform of mutual exchange which you can find here. Do say hello!

Joint lunches at the cafeteria

Once a month. We meet at the 'Turmmensa'. You are very welcome to have a lunch break with us, the members of the study group Gender Studies. We are happy to help you out if you have any questions concerning our course of studies! Otherwise we will be happy to just chat with you. :)
You can find the next dates for the lunches in our calendar (see above).
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Info and links

Lending inventory of the studies group

List of acquired specialist literature

The studies group Gender Studies is trying to obtain an adequate amount of specialist literature in the university’s library. These books (which where obtained by the studies group out of funds dedicated to the improvement of study conditions) can be found in the “Bereichsbibliothek der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften” (BBWiSo, in the Oeconomicum). A list of these acquired books can be found here.
Furthermore, the Blaustrumpf Bibliothek (“bluestocking library”) also contains a great amount of specialist literature for Gender Studies.

Any wishes for specific books?

During previous semesters the studies group was able to obtain some literature out of funds dedicated to the improvement of study conditions. Unfortunately, our requests to obtain more of that funding have not been granted.
Nonetheless, being a studies group formally goes along with receiving some money that we can use to support you as part of your research and your wish to further educate yourselves. Make sure to write us an e-mail if you are in need of a certain book!
You can furthermore write to the Blaustrumpfbibliothek (“bluestocking library”) or use this link to make a wish for a book in the SUB, the university’s library.

How to contact us:

Fachgruppe Geschlechterforschung/
Studies group Gender Studies

Stud.IP: Socialising Geschlechterforschung

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Fachgruppe Geschlechterforschung
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Fachgruppe Geschlechterforschung
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