Dear students of Comparative Literature,

the Mentoring Programme of the University of Göttingen gives you the chance to address a fellow student of a higher semester with all questions, inqueries and problems you might encouter during your studies. We try to hepl out with all questions concerning internships, studying abroad, looking for a job or exams.

For questions concerning the Universitie's portals and platforms like UniVZ, StudIP and FlexNow you can contact the department (

For questions conerning your application, a change of subject, the programme of studies, the acknowledgement of course credits or topics and supervision of your master thesis you can addess PD Dr. Katerina Kroucheva who is the coordinator of studies and academic advisor (


As "Fachgruppe Komparatistik", several students meet in irregular intervals to discuss the organisation, contents and status of Comparative Literature; they plan symposia, seminars and excursions. Each semester, the Fachgroup organises a "Stammtisch-Meeting" (meeting in a local pub) where information about Comparative Literature can be shared. "The" Fachgruppe does not exist - something like an "inner circle" is conditioned by the small size of the institute itself - which means that each old and new face is very much welcome anytime.
Dates for Stammtische, meetings, etc. will be communicated over the newsgroup.

Student Assistants

  • Christina Piljavec (
  • Johannes Leon Münk (
  • Sebastian Kipper (