Below you will find helpful informations about the courses at the University of Talca, including a detailed module description.

Successfully completed modules in Talca are worth 6 ECTS-Credits. These modules are recognized as elective modules for Block D for the Master Degree in Agricultural Sciences (Master-Studiengang Agrarwissenschaften), concentration in Agribusiness or Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences.
If one or more module at Talca is equivalent in content to a module at the University of Göttingen, students can apply for acceptance at the Examination Committee for Block B (for further information please contact Dr. Christian Ahl –Studiendekan and Mrs. Anja Kalkau).
Below you will find helpful information about the courses offered at the University of Talca and the academic periods. Please notice that semesters have different starting dates than in Göttingen.

1st Quarter (March to mid-Jun, autumn)

  • Managerial Economics (Economía de la Empresa)
  • Marketing in Agribusiness I - Strategic Marketing (Marketing en Agronegocios I)
  • Strategic Management (Gestión Estratégica)
  • Introduction to Statistical and Econometric Analysis (Introducción al Análisis Estadístico y Econométrico)
  • Agricultural Price Theory (Teoría de Precios Agrícolas)
  • Technologies in Fruit and Wine Production (Tecnología en Producción de Frutas y Vinos)
  • Development Economics in Latin America (Desarrollo Económico en América Latina)

2nd Quarter (Jun to Sep, winter)

  • Human Resources Management (Administración de Recursos Humanos)
  • World Agricultural Markets and Trade (Mercados y Comercio Agrícola Mundial)
  • Financial Management (Administración Financiera I)
  • Methods for Socio-Economic Analysis (Métodos de Análisis Socio-Económicos)
  • Marketing in Agribusiness II - Marketing Research (Marketing en Agronegocios II – Investigación de Mercados)
  • Principles, Monitoring and Methods of Agricultural Projects Development Policies (Monitoreo y Análisis Económico de Proyectos Agrícolas y Políticas de Desarrollo)
  • Agricultural Innovation and Extension (Innovación y Extensión Agrícola)

3rd Quarter (Oct to January, spring / summer)

  • Innovation Management in the Agroindustry and Food Chain (Gestión e Innovación en la Agroindustria y en la cadena de Alimentación
  • Agricultural Policy Analysis (Análisis de Políticas Agrícolas)
  • Quality Management and Food Safety (Gestión de la Calidad y Seguridad Alimentaria)
  • Applied Econometrics (Econometría aplicada)
  • Financial Management II (Administración Financiera II)
  • Formulation and Project Appraisal for Agriculture and Agroindustry (Formulación y Evaluación de Proyectos para la Agricultura y Agroindustria)
  • Environmental Economics and Environmental Impact Analysis of Agribusiness Projects (Economía Ambiental y Análisis de Impacto Ambiental de Proyecto Agrícolas)