Surface Scattering with Controlled Molecular Beams

Cold molecules research is a rapidly emerging field providing fascinating new approaches to the study of molecule-surface dynamics. Our molecular decelerator slows pulses of neutral molecules to velocities below 50 m/s using strong, quickly switched electric fields. Such molecules have translational energies similar to those in the interstellar medium. Moreover their translation energy is highly defined and can be tuned. In this sense one produces well-defined matter waves that are in many ways similar to laser beams. Currently, we are using the decerator to inverstigate the interaction of electronically excited molecules with surfaces.


Decelerator Crew

Roman Wagner (PhD Student), Niklas Henning (Master Student)

Experimental Setup:


Cutaway drawing of the machine. We combine a molecular decelerator with a surface science UHV scattering chamber for experiments with controlled molecular beams.