Surface Scattering with Electronically Modified Surfaces

The objective of the collaborative research project with Igor Rahinov from the Open University in Tel Aviv is to conduct a comprehensive series of experiments on nanostructured surfaces. We carry out state-to-state molecular beam surface scattering experiment using solid-state samples that are realistic models for modern catalysts. These experiments allow us to disentangle the influence of electron-hole pairs excitation from other mechanisms of energy dissipation, yielding quantitative evaluation of the EHP-V coupling role in heterogeneous catalysis.

While surface preparation is carried out in Tel Aviv using CVD methods, molecular beam surface scattering is performed at the IPC in Göttingen.


Artur Meling (PhD Student), Ansgar Misch (Master Student), Igor Rahinov (Professor, Open University Tel Aviv)

Experiments in Göttingen are carried out on molecular beam surface scattering machines.
Orientation Machine