Bachelor Theses

Jannis Neugebohren, Characterization of a pulsed molecular beam using laser-induced fluorescence (2011)
Hansjochen Köckert, Measurement of Vibrational Excitation Probabilities of CO Molecules Scattered from a Au(111) Surface (2012)
Sven Meyer, PUMP-DUMP-SWEEP-PROBE: Improvements in stimulated emission pumping (2013)
Niklas Henning, Mind the gap: Scattering of NO from a semiconductor (2014)
Arved Dorst, Characterization of atomic and molecular oxygen on Rh(111) (2019)
Johannes Wega, Chirality Detection of Surface Desorption Products Using Photoelectron Circular Dichroism (2020)

Master Theses

Nils Bartels, High-resolution spectroscopy with pulsed lasers (2011)
Nils Hocke, Optical Methods for Orientation of NO in Surface Scattering (2014)
Bastian Krüger, Orientation dependent multiquantum vibrational relaxation of highly vibrationally excited nitric oxide scattered from a
Au(111) surface
Artur Meling, Preparation of Velocity Controlled Molecular Beams of Highly Vibrationally Excited CO (2015)
Roman Wagner, Surface Scattering Using Velocity Controlled Molecular Beams of Metastable Carbon Monoxide (2015)
Ansgar Misch, Design and construction of a UHV chamber to perform surface chemistry experiments for the practical course in advanced physical chemistry (2016)
Mareike Wallrabe, Enantioselective Detection in Molecular
Beam Surface Scattering Experiments
Sarah Brandt, Temperature programmed desorption of small molecules at metal and graphene surfaces (2019)

PhD Theses

Fabian Grätz, Molecule-Surface-Scattering with Velocity Controlled Molecular Beams (2014)
Nils Bartels, Orientation dependent energy transfer in gas surface collisions: Scattering of vibrationally excited nitric oxide from Au(111) (2015)
Daniel Engelhart, Electron Emission from Metastable Carbon Monoxide Molecules at Adsorbate Covered Au(111) Surfaces (2015)
Bastian Krüger, From diatomic to polyatomic quantum-state-resolved molecule-surface scattering (2017)
Roman Wagner, The Dynamics of Highly Vibrationally Excited CO Scattered from Metal Surfaces (2019)
Artur Meling, Scattering of vibrationally excited NO from vanadium dioxide (2020)