Pic 1 IARD Students at The Humboldt-Universität Pic.2: Plenary speeches at Tropentag 2015 and Pic. 3 Prinzessgarten Berlin

The annual Conference on Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural and Natural Resource Management (TROPENTAG) is jointly organized by different universities from Germany, Europe and the Council for Tropical and Subtropical Research (ATSAF e.V) in co-operation with the GIZ Advisory Service on Agricultural Research for Development (BEAF).

From September 16 - 18, 2015 the International conference was held at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Tropentag addresses issues of resource management, environment, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, nutrition and related sciences in the context of rural development, sustainable resource use and poverty alleviation worldwide. This year the topic was "Management of land use systems for enhanced food security - conflicts, controversies and resolutions"

The conference included 8 topics for the Oral presentations sessions with around 192 speakers, 4 guide poster sessions and 2 plenary speeches with important key speakers as Thomas Pogge from Yale University, Shenggen Fan (IFPRI), Brave Ndisale (FAO), Miguel Altieri from University of California Berkeley, Carter Coleman, Agrica Limited and among others
The conference also was innovative with the presentations; they used an Elevator Pitch (Refer to a conversation, or an ice breaker, that should lead into a deeper dialogue about the ideas and the results). In addition, individual workshops and excursions where available to the participants.

Pic.: Prinzessgarten Berlin

"The Tropentag represents a good opportunity to Master students and PhD postulants to present their researches and receive good inputs and comments about it. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to discuss recent trends in the global agriculture, key challenges for rural development that the world has been facing and possible options to address these challenges. From my personal point of view, I found very interesting the sessions about processing agricultural products into food and fuel, this presentations gave several options in waste management, how to improve storage facilities and technologies to reduce post-harvest loses". Ana M. Perez

Bild: IARD Students 2014-2015 at the poster presentations. From left to right Jose M. Acosta , Ana M. Perez and Jennifer Rodriguez

"Attending the Tropentag was an excellent experience to share with master students and PhDs in an academic event. The topics of the conference and the excursions were very useful for me as my master thesis was related to food security and urban agriculture. Different speakers highlighted the importance for a deep research in this area and the visit to the Prinzessinnengärten showed the benefits to grow food in the city.
In addition, It was a good opportunity to hear the speech from Miguel Altieri about "Agroecology: Enhancing Food Sovereignty and Resilience to Climate Change among others" that promote the collective action for the sustainable development in Latin America" Jennifer Rodriguez Franco (Colombia)


"From my point of view Tropentag is a traditional academic space for those related to Agriculture economics and development, covering a wide range of topics, that allow students to start their research carrier, is like an incubator of new stars in the sustainable human development sky.
I enjoyed specially the conferences with the most famous researches that participated, as well as sharing with other master students from all corners of the world and refresh my ideas and creating networks that will allow us to contribute to our own countries development".
Jose Miguel Acosta Barbosa(Colombia)