University quality funds

Tuition fees are abolished as of the winter semester 2014/15. Instead, universities receive a 100% compensation from the state of Lower Saxony in form of university quality funds. These funds are to be used to improve teaching and study conditions.

The university quality funds are divided into central and decentral funds. More detailed information about the procedure as well as the decision-making process can be found under the following link: University quality funds

Decentral university quality funds of the Faculty of Chemistry
The Faculty of Chemistry uses the decentrally available university quality funds for different measures mainly targeting an improvement of the supervision relationships and attractive practices and library facilities. The Faculty of Chemistry is entitled to an annual budget of up to 200,000 EUR of decentral funds per year based on its number of students.
One of the most important measures concerns the employment of additional assistants for practical and seminar groups and well as for supervision of practices. Important activity packages also relate to doubling of practical tests or the preparation of new experiments that cannot be funded from the normal budget funds. Provision of borrowed lab coats and protective goggles for first-year students is an important offer to make the university start easier. Buying of books based on the student and teacher demand as well as additional access to databases (e.g. SciFinder) and software (e.g. Origin and ChemDraw campus licences) make the literature search and research easier. For the concrete allocation of university quality funds, the deanery works together closely with the chemistry student representatives in order to be able to react to the wishes and demands of the students as quickly as possible.

Deanery for students
Another project established in connection with the tuition fees and continued now with university quality funds is the professionalisation of the deanery for students. This is a project that is funded jointly from central and decentral university quality funds as well as budget funds of the faculty. The considerable increase of personnel in the chemistry deanery is a good idea so that the comprehensive support of students is guaranteed during the whole day.

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome!
Each member of the Faculty of Chemistry (students, teachers, administrators) can submit suggestions for the use of decentral university quality funds. Please contact the deanery or the student representation to contribute your ideas and get advice about their implementation.